My parents entered the platinum Care  center in after dad had a stroke and mom a blood clot. They needed more care than we could give them at home. We were so glad there was an opening, we moved their home furnishings into a large spacious room with a patio …to make it more like home. They have a dining room for home cooked meals. There is a social room with piano and group movies, a beauty parlor, and a young and kind staff. The owners, Rich and Kris handle things well. It is a clean and happy home, where family is welcome even for dinner. I am so pleased with the staff and their attitude towards my parents. When my father passed away, his care taker cried along with our family members that were there. They really care and they show it. Thank you for the happy home you have given my parents.

Vickie Sealy Clayton

I only know of one in St. George that meets the proper guest-personnel relationships, as I see them. It consists of only twelve inviting and spacious rooms. It is the Platinum Care Assisted Living, and it is a very outstanding center. No one ever falls between the cracks. No one is kept waiting in discomfort and need. The seven day/twenty four hour program is always alert and dynamic with talented, capable and delightful staff to comfort you in your needs. They show you that you are cared about, and that you are a special individual. The personal care is wonderful. You never need to be afraid that you will be forgotten, or overlooked or ever taken for granted, because you never will.
The word Platinum Care is accurate when comparing the Center to others in St. George. It is the top of the value system and offers the finest care at the most favorable price. This is where you want to stay.

Vern Hill

Thank you so much for your loving care of my aunt.  All of you made her stay and especially her last weeks comfortable, and she couldn’t have had better care.  I know she appreciated your tenderness and concern.  We will miss our sweetheart.

B. Gingery

The letters “TLC” should be on your doorstep with an arrow pointing inside — “Tender Loving Care” is what you have given my precious sister.  The results have extended beyond your walls to me and other family members, bringing us comfort.  From all of us our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your sweet devotion and complete understanding of her needs.  With Love and Gratitude.

Whit S.